Department Activities

11 Dec 2012

Acadaemic Activities

The Institute has started a series of monthly lectures delivered by eminent scientist of this country for the benefit of student community. So far three seminars has been arranged at the Auditorium of TUOL.
Realm of a Cell given by Prof.Dr.A.R.Shakoori on Feb 21,2012 at Auditorium New Campus, The University of Lahore
 Protein Engineering given by Prof. Dr. Waheed Akhtar on March 07 ,2012 at Auditorium New Campus ,The University of Lahore.
Cyanobacteria Biotechnological Aspects by Pro...

10 Dec 2012

Extracurricular Activities of Department

Students of the Institute celebrated the annual IMBB GALA on Tuesday 20th March. Teaching staff and a large number of students enjoyed the day with innovative Skits,music and traditional food and other activities. Such activities were provide platform for social coherence and common understanding.