Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle

Role Of Forensic Science Education: Assisting Law Enforcement of Pakistan

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Tahir

Forensic Education : An emerging field of study in the country

Dr. Amar Ali Hussain Khan


Forensics Laboratory Development and opportunities in the field

Brig. Dr. Dilshad Ahmad Khan


Forensic Sciences in Military Setup


Tea Break

Dr. Salah-ud-din


Animal Forensic : A novel trend in Investigation

Dr. Allah Rakha

Role of Forensic Molecular Biology: from Exonerations to Inclusions

Syed Aun Abbas Bokhari

Digital Forensics: An evolving field

Akbar Ali

Fingerprints: From Past to future, playing role in enhancing Justice System

Lunch Break

Dr. Mohammad Sarwar Tahir

Forensic Toxicology part in Legal System

Dr. Amir Bashir

Forensic Medicine Education: From Postmortem to Court


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