University of Lahore

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology together with its Centre of Research in Molecular Medicine, have been especially developed to -

Foster professional and intellectual development of students, scholars and faculty members at all levels. Place major emphasis on quality of graduate and postgraduate programmes leading to PhD.

Undertake basic research in areas of national importance in the sectors of biomedical sciences and health.

Actively interact and collaborate in research and higher training with other relevant institutions within and outside the country.

Organize symposia, seminars and special lectures in relevant disciplines at national and international levels.

Promote research interaction with public agencies and industry through outreach and scientific leadership.


Provide facilities for teaching and research in life sciences at the frontier of knowledge to students from all rungs of society without any distinction of cast, color and creed or financial status

To conduct quality research in disciplines of biochemistry. molecular biology, microbiology, physiology and biotechnology with strong relevance to human health in the local context.

To provide research training of postgraduate students in life scenically sciences, leading to MPhil/PhD degrees.

To firm up research linkages and interactive cooperation with national and international institutions conducting similar research.

To attract scientists and physicians for short term training in molecular medicine techniques and invite foreign and local experts for lectures and in research advisory capacity.

To publish scientific articles based on research conducted at the Centre in peer reviewed international journals.

To generate high quality manpower to meet the demand for qualified faculty and scientists, in institutions both educational and research, and in industry.

To provide an open, stimulating and nurturing environment for training and career development in biomedical sciences.