University of Lahore

Pro. Dr Malik Arif Ali, PhD
Professor/Director, IMBB/CRiMM
Research Interests: My research interests and expertise include: Biochemistry and Physiology of stress tolerance. My work ranges from basic pathological basis to explore new circulating biochemical markers to redesign etiologies of different diseases under stress to education; medical community, policy-makers, and the general public. The other research interest is to use genomics, biochemical and computational models to elucidate the mechanisms involved in abiotic/biotic stress tolerance and designing of new drugs for different diseases from natural sources; My special focus is on Hepatitis, different types of cancers, diabetes and complicated pregnancies.

Dr Javed Anver Qureshi, PhD


Research Interests: Biochemistry of modern vaccines and protein / peptide bio-pharmaceuticals; development of biotechnological / industrial products (enzymes).

Dr. Fatima Ali, PhD

Associate Professor,

Research Interests: Stem cells, diabetes, cardiomyopathy, skin burns

Dr.Farheen Ansari   
Associate Professor, 

Research interest: Antibacterial and antifungal activities of plants (medicinal and wild) extracts Isolation; characterization of bacteria and fungi from clinical; food and environmental samples; Histopathological studies including paraffin embedding and sectioning of mice organs; Immunomodulating activities on neutrophils and macrophages T-cell proliferation antioxidant assay on plant extracts anticancer activities on cell lines dermatophyte biological activities of endophytic fungi from plants antimicrobial susceptibility testing, antibiotic resistance measurements.


Dr Nadia Wajid, PhD
Associate Professor,
Research Interests: Stem Cells; Diabetes, Osteoarthritis; Skin Burns.


Rabail Alam, MPhil
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Statistical Analysis. Research designing. My main aim is to apply different types of statistical tools to solving biological problems.


Dr Qurban Ali, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Plant Biotechnology, Plant Sciences; Plant Stress Physiology; Quantitative Genetics; Plant Genetics. In addition, our recent research is in the area of development of transgenic crop plants.

Syed Shoaib Ahmed, MPhil
Assistant Professor, 
Research Interests: Biotechnology; biofuel production elements; recent research is in the area of Bio-fuel producing thermophilic bacteria and their enzymatic machinery. Furthermore, we are also interested in enzyme technology; protein engineering and human in-vitro Diagnostics.


Dr. Asma Ahmed, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Biochemistry; biochemical assays (In vitro antioxidant; antibacterial; antifungal activity of phytochemicals; microbial techniques culturing; transformations and sterilizations.


Dr Sana Javaid Awan, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Stem Cells Therapy; Molecular Biology; Cell Biology; Physiology; biotechnology; in-vitro and in vivo toxicology; transplantations in animal models and iPSCs technology.


Muneeba Butt
Research Interests: Forensic Sciences; trace chemistry; latent fingerprint examination; biochemistry.


Dr. Madiha Fayyaz, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Protein Engineering; bioinformatics; structural biology; recombinant DNA technology; enzyme technology and phytochemicals and their power.


Dr. Syed Zeeshan Haider
Assistant Professor, Research Fellow
Research Interests: basic and applied microbiology; nano-biotechnology; nano medicine; environmental friendly synthesis routes of metal nanoparticles; characterization of nanoparticles; food microbiology; mycology; environmental microbiology and applied nanotechnology.


Dr. Shaista Javaid, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Biotechnology; molecular biology; pest control; molecular virology; proteomics; structural biology; bioinformatics; bioremediation; enzyme engineering.

Dr. Sana Khurshid, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Molecular microbiology; Molecular biology (Immunodiagnosis of infectious diseases, Molecular diagnosis of antibiotic resistance and Association of genetic polymorphism to multifactorial disease).

Amna Mahmood, MPhil
Assistant Professor,
Research Interests: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Our current research is in the area of Multi-Drug Resistance; hormones and nutritional biochemistry. In addition, we are also interested in developing biosensors for early diagnostics of major killer diseases in humans.